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i4 Mariani: Crafting Excellence in Italian Furniture since 1957

Sep 08, 2023

Since 1957 identity, vision, wisdom
4 Mariani is an Italian company recognized and appreciated all over the world for the design and production of furniture - seats, furniture and upholstery - that have marked the history of Italian furniture. Founded in 1957, in Mariano Comense, in the Made in Italy design district, 4 Mariani is characterized by the excellence of craftsmanship, manufacturing capacity and quality of production. A distinctive feature of the company is the consolidated know-how in saddle leather and leather working process, which is found in each product and which reaches details of extraordinary refinement and quality. 4 Mariani offers original and distinctive products to the residential, office and contract furniture segments.

i4 Mariani: Crafting Excellence in Italian Furniture since 1957

A very modern family-run company
Founded by the four Mariani brothers - Biagio, Tarcisio, Umberto and Emilio - i 4 Mariani is a family-run business that has proudly reached its third generation. A rare testimony, in the sector, of a company that has kept the same property for over 65 years for the benefit of constant growth in the name of the founding values of stylistic identity and manufacturing excellence. 4 Mariani has technologically advanced factories for a total of 22,000 square meters with a 100% Made in Italy production where skilled craftsmen work alongside technicians of different specializations and managers. A close-knit team capable of facing and winning complex challenges.

Culture of materials and uniqueness in the selection and processing of leather
I 4 Mariani is a company that boasts a deep knowledge of materials processing techniques and carries out almost 100% of its production internally: from wooden and metal structures to semi-finished products and covers. Leather and saddle leather are used and processed after a careful selection of the best varieties, thanks to historical and exclusive partnerships with the best suppliers on the market.

The company management follows the processing in every phase, guaranteeing the production of authentic and unique furniture and upholstery in leather and saddle leathers, which are characterized by a high degree of comfort, pleasantness and aesthetic originality and the highest quality.

Contract and customized office solutions

The company is equipped with cutting-edge machinery for office furniture working processes. Alongside executive office furniture, production also extends to the operative office furniture sector and the development of customized solutions. The company has all the skills necessary to follow all the phases of the contract projects: from the creation of the concept to its development, from prototyping to implementation, from implementation to after-sales services.

i4 Mariani: Crafting Excellence in Italian Furniture since 1957

Iconic pieces and prestigious collaborations
The research pursued by I 4 Mariani from decade to decade is expressed through authentic iconic pieces that have indelibly marked the history of Italian furniture design: Andromeda and Selene, the futuristic seating systems designed by Arch. Guido Faleschini in the 1960s, as well as the Tucroma collection consisting of chairs, tables, living room furniture, sofa and bed; Insieme created in the 80s on the design of the internal technical department and in the 1990s the Marnie seating collection; with dual residential and contract use, designed by Adam Tihany. Today, as in the past, the collaboration with leading international architects continues, such as Luca Scacchetti and Mauro Lipparini who designed the famous Oyster armchair. The latest, only chronologically, are the collaborations with Matteo Nunziati, Umberto Asnago who designed the Garbo armchair and Ferruccio Laviani, author of the Euclideo executive table.

Protagonists of the international scene
After having consolidated its leading position among Italian design companies thanks to a success that has lasted for generations, the company is now present on foreign markets and appreciated, as well as in Europe, in the countries of the former Soviet Union, in Middle and Far East and in the United States.

Eco-sustainability: a company that respects the environment.
I 4 Mariani is committed to respecting the environment and gives a concrete example of this through precise choices and daily behaviors.
In 2010, the largest photovoltaic system in the province of Como was built on the roof of the company: 3816 panels for a power of almost one megawatt for an annual production of over 1100 MWh, such as to fully satisfy the company's annual energy needs. The plant saves 275 tons of fuel oil every year and avoids the emission of 550 tons of CO2 and other gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. During 2014, the company installed two new state-of-the-art heating boilers, for a total power of 1.3 MW, both operating with wood processing waste. A solution that allows the company to optimize energy consumption and above all to use non-polluting and renewable materials. In other words, since 2014, the company has been energy self-sufficient.
The company has always favored the use of materials of natural origin, first of all, wood and leather. All solid wood comes from forests with guaranteed reforestation programs, while the chipboard panels are made with recycled wood and use chemical products that strictly comply with the parameters of the European and American CARB2 regulations. The leathers of the different types are processed according to the most advanced technologies, dyed with non-toxic colors and treated without the use of pentachlorophenol. The rubbers and polyurethanes used are also made without CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).

i4 Mariani: Crafting Excellence in Italian Furniture since 1957