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Punt Mobles: New atmospheres to create dream spaces

Oct 27, 2023

After attending the fair for more than twenty years, the Valencian company has this time come up with an exhibition space to highlight the craftwork, timeless design, the highest quality details and materials as well as the artistic spirit at the heart of Punt. A restrained and contemporary boutique has inspired the stand with a monochromatic and serene palette where cream tones take precedence.

On the wall, there are icons such as the Stockholm sideboard and featured 2021 designs by Sebastian Herkner, Mario Ruiz, Jose Pérez and Norm Architects as well as the latest designs by Rodolfo Dordoni, Arik Levy, L+R Palomba and Christophe Pillet when it comes to flooring. A dialogue is therefore created between the new pieces and a curated selection of the brand’s furniture. Scarce architectural elements, such as the alcoves and meticulous lighting make the furnishings stand out together and in their own right alike. It is the simplicity of beauty.

Punt Mobles: New atmospheres to create dream spaces


The renowned Milanese designer Rodolfo Dordoni makes his debut for Punt with two sideboards: Lucca and Firenze. “The Toscana Collection is the fruit of research into where sideboards are placed in modern homes,” he begins. We started thinking about the complex nature of living spaces and at some point, it dawned on us, together with the company, that we had two completely different products that could be adapted to the different market needs. In terms of materials, we sought to mix and match wood, which is in the brand’s DNA; walnut in Lucca and oak in Firenze, combined with the sophisticated touch of high-gloss lacquered colors”.

Lucca is a rectilinear sideboard designed to turn heads in the middle of the room or up against walls. It has a glass shelf and light on the inside, as well as an LED strip light that runs along its back surface. There is a chrome-plated metal detail in the lower part of the legs. “The desire to deconstruct the volumes is achieved through the contrast of finishes, different thicknesses and directions of the veneers. The glossy modules look as though they are embraced and supported by the robust and solid wood perimeter. The hinged door characterizes the front of the unit, while its upper part becomes a stage to show off objects on”, explains Dordoni.

A new concept of spatial design inspires Firenze with its unusual obtuse angle shape that projects the unit into the space. The fixed position of classic storage furniture placed against walls is a thing of the past. “The design strives to underplay the storage volume and to hint at new ways the newly created free space could be used. The overall lightness is accentuated by the glass sides displaying its contents”. Its cover is handmade from oak veneers that are joined at the corner and a light on the inside is turned on when doors are opened, and it even has a motion sensor.

Punt Mobles: New atmospheres to create dream spaces

CORAL Collection by ARIK LEVY

“Like a seed, Coral is an element that looks as if it has grown out of the ground, spreading out like a living organism, a visually kinetic sculpture, nature in action. Geometrically designed in a similar way to my Ghost collection of sculptures, the foot of the table supports the tabletop as if the anemone appears in its shell”, explains the designer and artist Arik Levy. Coral is a unique table concept that can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. The elegance and purity of its lines enter into dialogue with the arty language and the organic style of the Israeli creator, who has been collaborating with Punt Mobles since as far back as 2016. It is flexible, adapts to different uses and rooms (from dining rooms to offices) and can be made to measure.
It is composed of walnut legs in the shape of a totem with petals and an oval or round top, which can be customized using different shapes and materials. “I designed and dreamt Coral up as an idea that could be transformed and turned into a wide range of products that would put something on the market that would respond to current changes and activities,” Levy adds. Coral’s leaves or petals that sensually rotate around a displaced center interact with the space and read light and shadow at every moment. Its stability, down to its meticulous geometry and construction, provides ample legroom for the user as well as offering visual and ergonomic comfort. Almost like in abstract art, Coral lets you be any metaphor you can think of”.

Punt Mobles: New atmospheres to create dream spaces


“A line of metal elegantly embraces the chair, from the armrests and around the wooden backrest. The oak seat and backrest contrast with the slim metal tube that characterizes the design’s shape”. This is how the designer Sebastian Herkner describes his new Pecan chair for Punt Mobles.

 Last year (2022), the German developed the Rio collection for the brand: a range of sideboards and cupboards brimming with personality resting on two cylindrical solid marble legs, which he rounded off with lamps taken from the same collection. This was already his signature style: striking the perfect balance between materials and proportions which Herkner has done yet again. With a straightforward and basic, yet sophisticated, design, he knows how to stand out and create a minimalist chair with a strong identity, something that is of the utmost importance for Punt. It is an ultra-versatile piece that can be adapted to any interior design project from living rooms to kitchens, restaurants or offices. 

The light and thin steel structure contrasts with the wood, acting as a frame. Apart from its aesthetics, its ergonomics have also been worked on, making it comfortable while also being stackable. The name Pecan comes from the shape of the backrest, an organic shape that looks like pecan nuts. Inspired by nature, just like the material used in the chair itself.

Punt Mobles: New atmospheres to create dream spaces

Extension SENA Collection by CHRISTOPHE PILLET

With two versions of a chair and a stool having been launched in 2022, French designer Christophe Pillet is rounding off his Sena collection with an armchair and a sofa that keep the curved back and sleek, modern lines of the seats of its predecessor. The sofa is made up of different modules to create different shapes with a view to adapting to any environment (homes, hotels, offices...). It is springy and soft, organic and fluid. The armchair, in turn, is a natural evolution of the first version of the chair. The possibility of combining upholstery between the front parts and the rear backrests is one of the things that makes this collection stand out. Textile + leather form an ultra-warm mix that really brings out the quality and design of Punt furniture. Both proudly flaunt their visible seams, which again hark back to the brand’s own craftwork yet, at the same time, they are straightforward, unpretentious and extremely versatile. Two pieces made to stand the test of time.

Punt Mobles: New atmospheres to create dream spaces


After the sideboard bearing the same name launched in 2022, the Italians Ludovica and Roberto Palomba sought to add to the Velasca family with a desk, a bench, a lamp and a rug. They jokingly say “We architects have a bad habit of colonizing space. We sought to create domestic environments characterized by lightness and rigor in language, in line with the Punt style, to express the high quality and craftwork that goes into the manufacturing process. We like to tell stories through the furniture and the way they relate to each other”. The desk and bench are inspired by the same concept as the sideboard, although with different uses in mind. The first consists of a low storage space made of solid oak strips, hand glued on the doors and sides, and an extendable top (it can be used in different positions, in other words, the top can be moved) with two legs made with a chamfered detail. 

The vertical pattern of the strips brings out the grain of the wood and strikes the perfect balance with the table itself. The plinth of the sideboard leads into the bench, each part with its own leg, and comes with or without a cushion. “Wood is once again the star of the show in the two main pieces. The wool rug harks back to an authentic Japanese Zen Garden giving you the impression of walking on a natural element and the lamp, made of lycra, is more like a lantern”, they add. This is an architectural and linear range, rigorous yet minimal, like all of the duo’s work, although without compromising warmth. A geometric and reductionist spirit for a well-rounded design.

Punt Mobles: New atmospheres to create dream spaces