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Mammalampa's Story

Mar 25, 2024

Mammalampa's Story

On Mammalampa:

Our company name is "Mammalampa," which fully expresses the essence of our products and ourselves who make these products. This capacious name, "Mamma"(mum), encompasses our value system. It brings together both our philosophy, going back to our roots, to nature, and the aspect of heritage.

Mammalampa lamps are made from natural materials using minimal technological means. They are primarily through manual labor, with primitive material processing or even untreated materials.

Mammalampa does not view perfection or the ideal as assets but as truth and authenticity - we accent the original beauty of things and materials, which is traditionally lost in the modern manufacturing process in pursuing formal, aesthetic, or technological perfection. 

Using nature, not by imitating its form or borrowing its structure for mechanics, but instead using the genuine nature, its uniqueness and oneness… the truthfulness and freshness it offers. Everybody has a mother, but every mother is unique. All mothers perform one and the same function, but each has her own unique character. Everybody has an individual and personal relationship with their mother. These are the emotional qualities that are crucial to our design.

On context & philosophy of our work:

 Production has taken over the world. Everything is perfect, stainless, and economical - so correct as a computer type and just as artificial. Virtual thinking has taken reality from people. Things that are around you now are focused only on serving you. Today's industry has realized that it will gain quick profit only if it provides everything as soon as possible and easily adjusts to your needs. We want to go back to the genuine.

Mammalampa's Story

On significance of handcrafted products:

 Our mission is to find ways in which to elevate the traditions of processing natural materials and the skills of artisans to a new level of contemporary performance. The passing of craft traditions to future generations, because with the advent of technology, many craft skills are dying out. 

Our employees and page makers are mostly senior citizens, our mums and dads, as well as their friends. This is because the skills of working with one's hands and an affinity with natural materials are precisely the older generation's strengths. This is how we nurture a fulfilled life and make people feel needed. This socially inclusive aspect is extremely important to us.

On materials:

Our lamps are created from natural materials and with minimal technological means, primarily through manual labor, primitive material processing, or even untreated materials. Mammalampa's signature style is exemplified by the audacious use of traditional materials and design solutions. Our specific approach celebrates handcrafted or naturally created accents. 

There is always something spontaneous in our designs. Through the natural corrosion process for the Queen collection, which we have perfected and refined over the years, we are able to create one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing rusts in the world. However, the process of creating it is long and occasionally unpredictable. For example, we know that the growth of rust depends on the phase of the moon. Compared to the design of a chair or an airplane, where ergonomics and function are much more important than appearance, with lamps you can experiment with materials and attitude towards things. I doubt if anyone would like to fly a rusty airplane.


Mammalampa's Story

However, in lighting design, the spontaneity of natural materials is the perfect medium in which to express oneself. It is similar to wood - good woodwork is usually carefully worked; therefore, we put our "wise one" chopped log in contrast, where there is a sense of something spontaneous. Likewise, in the case of The Bride, it is almost impossible to replicate the braid identically, and as a consequence, each lamp has its own unique facial features.

On feminine approach:

A feminine approach dominates the lamp design. It is the task of light and mothers, the task of women to be at the heart of things. People gravitate towards light and mothers. In order for people to converge around something, it must have very strong magnetic energy. It is precisely these different energetic characteristics that we want to accent.

Mammalampa's Story

On vision on Mammalampa & what’s next:

Currently, the work of "mammalampa" is focused on the "hunger" for fairness and primeval, which is our place in the chaotic lighting market. One day, we got tired from all the produced, artificial, and expected, and we decided to start non-production. This is a search for new aesthetics. For a long time now, design has tried to be perfect, which explains why it's a bit boring. Mammalampa products have a strong identity, character and individuality. They are personalities that create an emotional bond with the object in the consumer. We will continue to follow this path because, in an age in which the virtual environment, artificial intelligence, and technological production are an integral part of our lives, this humane aspect assumes a new and very important role. 

Instead of following trends, we will continue to create a unique and humane design that epitomizes the age, with emotion prevailing over function and aesthetics. We will be the answer for those tired of plastic and technology. Finding something that has created itself and made it shine. Seeing the rough, natural beauty of the material and awakening it to a new life. It is a challenge - to find things that people have not yet declared a value. To detect the primary, which is still open to interpretation, so that it can be transformed and exhibited in an unusual context that would interest others.

Mammalampa's Story