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Electric blue walls in a residential space in Turin

Jan 11, 2022

DAR Architettura turned an apartment in Turin into a residential space with an office for short-term stays. The combination of materials, varied hues, and furniture created with an architectural approach defines the home.

The entry hall floor, a dining room that also functions as a meeting space and social gathering place, is covered with bricks from earlier restorations. A glass partition connects the kitchen to the work and dining areas to keep noise and smells separate. The table is a continuous, suspended surface that crosses the partition wall: steel in the kitchen, pinewood on the other side.

All the furnishings are designed as small architectures with components like roofs and openings: cabinets have sloping coverings to make cleaning easier, and the central corridor, bathed in an encompassing electric blue, is distinguished by a row of doors opening in perspective.